Friday, November 16, 2012

My Last Hostess That’s my last twinkie on the shelf Witness to sad tastes by myself. That piece a loner, now: Metal baker’s hands Turned busily a day and there it stands. Late Ding Dongs partner and Wonder Bread, Witness and behold the loss with dread. Morsels sugar plump and chemically dense Were addictions for crowds immense. Health nuts call these delicacies junk Harsh judgments of some organic monk. Natural food agent rang not this death knell. Capitalist vultures gnawed Hostess to hell.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Heavens to Quetzi #atheist #myths #poem

If I must have a god, give me serpent with plumes of gold:
Or Tlaloc a mean-looking god of thunder and rain.
Don’t give me a whispy ghost or humble martyr slain,
But one aggressive thunderer, ruling a cosmos bold.

Truth is I don’t need any deity or spirit outside of myself:
Neither arrogance nor ego, just no real proof of evidence
Consistently reminding that bible god’s providence
Comes from bronze age traditions: not on my shelf.

Widespread calendar art is just plain kitsch:
Jesus and Mary depicted to please and inspire
Are illusions: those idealized bodies don’t perspire.
Believe in those myths? no more than werewolf or witch.

Back to Quetzi and Tlaloc, why not those two?
Against Christianity, those myths are equally true.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Atheist Epicure’s Bedtime Verse #atheist #humor #poem

We went to restaurant not cheap:
As guest I uttered not a peep.
A window faux pictured a lake,
With pretence of a shore most fake.

With fancy menu (not to keep)
In French aligned to prices steep.
The waiter waits requests to take.
I ask the chef my spud to bake.

For food delayed critique we’ll bleep:
To sweet dessert my fork did leap.
Red wine and coffee with the cake,
Including doggie bag to take.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
With hope that food in fridge will keep.
If it should spoil before I wake,
I hope for Rex the scraps to take.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beatifying the Beatles #catholicchurch #beatles #p2 #topprog #poem

Ringo Starr on Vatican Forgiveness: ‘A Publicity Stunt’

Ringo Starr is right: forgiving is a stunt.
Media focus on the clergy’s sexual crimes
Make the Vatican’s reversal in these times
Distracting from confession, being blunt.

Christian 60s fling with Sgt. Pepper’s band
Shocked Jesus’ band of preachers, even Rome.
Beatles bashed by pope from lofty dome:
Sex, drugs and rock and roll be damned.

Fearing laity and clergy swinging to the left
The church hung a right, hiding the nasty fact
That covering paedofilia was the internal pact:
Avoid public scandal with global moral heft.

Is Beatle John now yanked to heaven from hell,
To be with other Johns, once popes, pray tell?

Queer Facts #sexabuse #glbt #poem #p2 #topprog

Adult abuse of children shocks but is widespread:
Across time, cultures and continents: none spared.
Chilling connection of trust, with those who ‘cared’
Facilitates a crime that causes universal dread.

Without excusing the priest or scoutmaster
Who broke a sacred vow making sex object of child,
Statistics are clear: little girls are the most defiled,
By uncle, father, household male, not the pastor.

Homophobes present a lurid portrait of gay men,
Out or closeted, but perverted vampires all
Seeking boys to ensnare with prurient call.
Facts: Strait offenders greater by power of ten.

Counselors of troubled families will attest
No chick is safe with the raptor in the nest.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Selling Taco Shells #tacotuesday #sonnet

She sells taco shells on Tuesdays by the score.
Mexican food addicts who prefer to cook at home
Don’t join the gypsies who ‘taquerias’ roam.
Though eateries have secret ingredients lore.

Tacos, enchiladas and sides of beans and rice
Are the basic foods of the numbered plates.
Natives to the food will sneer, reveal their hates
For foods poorly prepared: hot sauce does not suffice.

Dishes prepared at home by Mexican cooks
Vary in taste and seasoning from local fare
Like the sham that cheap corn chips dare
Imitation home-made tortillas, the crooks.

Commercial taco trends food purists rile:
Ignore critiques, stuff your mouth, tacophile.

Mean Murdoch Means #mediabias #p2 #topprog

Mean Murdoch Means

Media magnate Rupert Murdoch kills me,
Strongly criticisizing bland competition.
Fox news emits such blatant repetition
Of right wing slander is at bias apogee.

Staunch supporter of conservative cause,
Power and wealth used for propaganda.
Right wing candidates hope it’ll hand a
Poll victory. Obama does give pause.

Union of wealth with religion couples diverse
Interests into common cause, but there’s more.
The base is expanded by nativist, racist core:
Confederacy of fools is cute, realitys worse.

Murdoch’s goals are protection of power and wealth.
The crazies he stokes encourage treasonous stealth.