Saturday, August 29, 2009

Five Poems on National Health Reform PLZ RT #health #hcr #publicoption

Five Poems on National Health Reform #health #hcr

Public Option, Now! Single Payer, My Prayer.

Britons Unite To Defend Their National Health Service

The UK Health Service is loudly defended
As American conservatives tear it down.
It’s so revered that even Tories are offended:
How dare land of doctor fee slight the Crown.

Now even Stephen Hawking joined in the fray,
Insulted by claims unsupported and public attacks;
Fired back “without NHS wouldn’t be here today.”
National health attackers were tagged as quacks.

Claiming Senator Kennedy was not getting care
From publicly run services: answer, false:
True, if our current system is left in disrepair --
If we continue dancing “Stop Obama Waltz”.

Most of us agree we need a change,
So listening to noisy sicko’s very strange.

Well Paid Pipers: Right Liars
“... Just fling something out there, boys, and the network newsies will come running, airing that something with unfiltered abandon.”
Thriving on myths Television news and the corruption of the American mind

Those poisonous sound bites that network newsies consume:
The crazier the bit, the more it’s broadcast to millions.
Birthers, Deathers and Liberal haters -- viewers presume
Them to have facts, repeated in multiple news pavilions.

Even media outlets labeled liberal allies
Are blameworthy equal to right-wing rabid Fox
For instant and regular airing of patent HCR lies.
Fact check rebuttals are weak after-fact blocks.

The trick, well known to the right, is to jackhammer
The faux facts so that even disclaimers repeated
Are echoes of poisonous words. Any flim-flammer
Scatters crazy lies that once aired cannot be deleted.

The corporations who own mass media benefit
From obfuscation blocking change affecting profit.

Grand Old Phantoms: Cult Crisis
The Republican Party Is Turning Into A Cult

The party of Lincoln becoming a cult? Oh my.
Delusions and lying hucksters are the drivers.
Appealing to the plebes darkest fears is their cry
To those seeing themselves as poor white survivors.

From birthers to deathers and tea baggers in between
The party is scraping bottom of the melting pot.
With shallow patriotic slogans and pricks to the spleen
It’s stirring nativists, militias and keeping them hot.

Republicans and the south in serious numbers
Believe the outright lies and fear enemy phantoms:
The acquiescing leadership of bumblers
Are all slipping to slimy ethical bottoms.

The danger of this is there is no distance or space
From loose gun assassins: Republicans, a disgrace.

Try to Remember and the Present Dismember…

(Or Lament of the GOPosaurus)

I Want MY America Back: The Good Old Days Judge H. Lee Sarokin

Those were the good old days before the feds
Were in our lives: no medicare, no checks
For unemployment nor help with all our meds:
No minimum wage nor OSHA saving necks.

If banks would fail, depositors lost money:
If products killed our kin, it’s buyer’s fault.
We hate the gov’mint for “don’t smoke, honey”
Let me enjoy my cancer, white sugar and my salt.

Those bureaucrats build ponds and dams and roads:
Let good old business take the lead on that:
Let policing and firemen be free-market loads:
On broad for-profit shoulders feed a fat cat.

We pine for past when slavery was legal,
When women knew their place, and man was regal.

The Crime of Being Poor
Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor?

With all the socialist accusations being made,
We do well to face the needy status and plight.
Homelessness: infraction with fine to be paid,
For loitering and begging. (Keep them out of sight.)

Having no habitation to drink in privacy,
A beer in public is a ticket to the clink.
The poor have no chits in meritocracy,
So hide or can them; gentries think they stink.

Debates on health insurance lack the needy’s voice,
(Testimony that would challenge those fighting change.)
For disadvantaged, emergency room is only choice
When health or life’s at stake, they can’t pre-arrange.

To ignore or incarcerate the poor does rend
Our social fabric and will bite us in the end.

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